Sice Previt Spa originally began operating within the construction sector in 1961 for both civil and industrial works, building and restructuring as well as undertaking restoration projects for the conservation of buildings.

The experience we gained throughout the years allows us to execute all kinds of commissions with speed and precision, including an extremely efficient organisation of building sites and the immediate availability of materials and equipment. Our warehouses are also able to supply our building sites on a daily basis both within Italy and abroad .

All of our construction sites are supervised by technical and project managers with at least one site manager. Together they ensure an accurate inspection of all working phases towards the project’s ideal realization.

Our clients’ request for a high quality finish brought us to acquire a particularly specialized workforce on building sites also. Sice Previt relies on a great number of carpenters, bricklayers, plaster and sheetrock decorators, whitewashers, smiths and carpenters, which, including external workers, amount up to more than 300 workers.

Sice Previt believes there is always room for improvement as revealed by a constant progress within the sphere of safety in working environments and a consistent check-up of building sites. We also offer specific courses to all employees as to divulge up-to-date information and training. We adopt innovative equipment bearing in mind all safety regulations as we firmly believe that our company’s strength lies within its people.