Sice Previt Spa was founded in 1961, and from the earliest stages of its establishment, the company has been working within the construction sector, acquiring throughout the years an astounding degree of knowledge and experience which enabled it to achieve a leading role in such a competitive sector as the industrial one.

Throughout the years, Sice Previt has grown significantly due to its developing industry and the realization of important commissions, both within Italy and abroad, for private contractors as well as for renowned brands from the Fashion & Luxury sector, allowing with such advancement an increasing focus on the technical and managerial aspects of the company as the means to achieve greater quality without neglecting the optimization of cost and time for the manufacture of projects.

The research for excellency has been the company’s resolute guide towards progress with the clear objective of offering to clients the best industrial solutions whilst preserving an exceptional standard in the areas of Working and Environmental Safety representing one of the company’s principles.

Sice Previt Spa presently works with three distinct albeit complementary internal divisions: Building, Wood Carpentry & Furnishing and Metalwork fabrications. The original building industry was gradually consolidated with the affiliating divisions of Wood Carpentry & Furnishing and Metalwork fabrications which enabled the company to offer its clients a vast selection production and services which gave the opportunity of following the commission from the initial stages of design to the industrial realization and trial.

Sice Previt Spa’s headquarters, composite of technical and administrative offices, production divisions and warehouses presently takes up around 20.500 sm. in the town of Segrate, situated in the outskirts of Milan. Its location, now close to the city center and one of Milan’s main airports, Linate, changed in 2008 as the company moved out of its historical administrative site with the intent of assembling all corporate functions in a single venue.

Sice Previt Spa is honored to be embracing more than 400 employees who, with their exceptional humane and technical qualities, represent the company’s most enriching element.