Since 2003 the division of Metal Carpentry has been producing structural elements, shop windows and staircases . The production and installation of these elements supplements the building and restructuring sectors following our ideal of a functional interaction between all departments as to provide our client with a complete service.

Throughout the years we tried to maintain the entire production cycle within the company, from the production to the installation of elements, from the realization of grand structures to that of door handles.

The Metal Carpentry division can count on a highly specialized personnel. All our smiths are trained and have attained the welding license for both wire and continuous joint welding.

The fabrication of structural steel carpentries is guaranteed from the ISO 3834-3:2006 556/13/5 certification.

Presently, the metallic carpentry covers an area of 1200s.m. in our warehouses, comprising cutting-edge tools and machinery ( two 5 axis milling machines, laser, satin finishers, polishers and bending machines).

Since 2011 the metallic carpentry has implemented a range of services, creating the steel division for the production of furniture and metallic decorations.

PROTOTYPING mock up – samples EXECUTIVE DESIGN – SMITH WORKS - structural elements – plugging works – vertical connection works – hardware for doors and windows – STEEL DIVISION production of furniture and metallic decorations.