In 2000 the Wood carpentry division was founded as an affiliating sector to the Building division as to provide manufactured products which are generally needed in most building sites. Almost simultaneously the production of furniture for the interior design of offices and high-street boutiques was launched, allowing a constant stimuli towards further development and growth within the newly established division.

The Wood Carpentry sector, that initially took up a very small portion of the Construction warehouse, currently takes up 2000sm. of the whole establishment, including cutting-edge tools and machinery (four milling machines as well as flanging machines, panel saws and graders).

The finished product presents artisan-crafted qualities as its manufacture is brought about with the expertise and handiwork of over 50 highly specialized craftsmen.

Throughout the years we have developed a certain expertise which is gradually broadening the reception and realization of many challenging demands our clients have requested, along with a constant innovation of craftsmanship in the employment of unusual materials.

In order to improve what our service has to offer the company embraced the founding of new lacquering and decoration ateliers and is constantly developing a synergic affinity with the metalwork carpentry in the production of furniture adornments.

It’s been a few years now that our work in the fashion sector has followed up the realization of Boutiques through the employment of an executive design including the production and laying of custom-cut furniture.

This exercise has now spread to various main cities worldwide and it finalized our long-established exercise of restructuring boutiques both within Italy and abroad.

PROTOTYPING – mock up – samples – selection of materials – EXECUTIVE DESIGN – PRODUCTION OF CUSTOM-CUT FURNITURE production for high street boutiques – residential buildings – offices. LAYING OF CUSTOM-CUT FURNITURE production for high street boutiques – residential buildings – offices. WINDOW SHOPS production and installation of window shops.